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Text Box: “I began the seminar with the belief that Doctor Milton Erickson was a mystifying presence.  I concluded the seminar with clarity, understanding and respect for the tools that Dr. Erickson so wonderfully utilized.  I now know that the magic Dr. Milton Erickson worked can be duplicated as a result of the powerful learning offered by Ron Klein and his dedicated, caring approach and his thorough understanding of those tools”.           
        Fran James Vita, M.Ed.
Text Box: “Kay and I attended the "Intermediate" week of training at the Erickson 
Institute in Phoenix this past week.  The presenters were Brent Geary, Jeff Zeig, Steve Lankton, and Sonya Benson.  

Our consensus is that, although there was some good material, our training experiences with you gave us far more in skill building. In fact, our knowledge and skills were second to none among the 30 participants.  

This is the first time we have had a chance to make a comparison with any other training program, and we are both satisfied that yours is far ahead of this one, at least. Thank you !
       Ben Bogia, M.Div., Ph.D.

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