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Eye Movement

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Treating Phobia, Anxiety,

PTSD, Addiction &

Other Clinical Issues






A Two-Day

Certification Training


To be scheduled for Fall 2010

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Eye Movement Integration TM (EMITM) is a brief, effective therapy which produces lasting results.  You will learn to treat PTSD,  phobia, anxiety,  addictions, recent critical incident debriefing, and various other clinical issues --- often in one to three sessions.  Importantly, follow-up visits are rarely needed.


EMITM, is an exceptionally effective desensitization and re-processing treatment.  Unlike other eye movement methods, EMITM does not require or encourage age regression. Therefore, the concerns of false memory and/or the likelihood of  re-traumatizing your client are avoided.  Furthermore, the client is encouraged to find the answer within and utilize her/his own resources for change and to heal. 


Managed care.  Managed care companies demand short-term treatment.  Current research demonstrates that time-limited therapy is as effective for many issues as the more established lengthy approaches.  Until recently, clients who attended only a few sessions were often considered “not ready” for therapy. What was needed is a better method.   Eye Movement IntegrationTM therapy is a better method. Further, you will frequently be able to produce lasting results for the client in one or at most a few sessions.


In this workshop you will learn:


The  principles on which EMITM is based and the

essential skills required to utilize the technique


How to gather and organize the required

 information from the client and how to use the

EMITM method as a short-term treatment.


How to individualize the EMITM approach to fit

each client’s unique needs.

How to use several alternative methods including Visual-Kinesthetic Dissociation and Pattern Interruption techniques when EMITM is unproductive.


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Eye Movement IntegrationTM (EMITM)  is rooted in part on the work of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. who advocated treatment methods which interrupted habitual behavioral patterns, and in part on original research into eye movements and brain processing conducted by Robert Dilts at the University of California, Santa Cruz in 1977.  The current EMITM procedure evolved from the eye movement pattern interruption therapy techniques Dilts first introduced in 1981.  


EMITM is a practical, short-term intervention for treating phobia, post-traumatic stress, anxiety, addictions, critical incident and other clinical issues.  Also, the EMITM technique can be paired with diverse methods and incorporated into the framework of each individual therapist. The EMITM approach is “co-active” and encourages the client to use his/her own strengths and personal resources.


Why attend this workshop?  Because, you want step-by step instruction in effective methods. And you want supervised practice in these skills and techniques, so you can put them to immediate use in your work with clients.


What’s unique about this training? The instructors are committed to teaching.  The focus is on training you to use these methods, not just showing how well the trainers do demonstrations.  Your training will consist of lectures, demonstrations and exercises in small groups, where you will learn the elements and the structure of the Eye Movement IntegrationTM therapy.  There will be time to practice EMITM with your colleagues during the workshop.     














RON KLEIN, NBCCH, CT-NLP, CAAC, is a Certified Trainer in NLP and an approved Continuing Education Provider.  He is a nationally recognized teacher of clinical hypnosis and brief solution-focused psychotherapy.  Ron has twenty six years experience as a counselor and teacher.  He has presented hundreds of workshops and provided training to more than 5800 mental health and health care professionals.



JILL B. CODY, M.A., NCC,  is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a Certified Trainer in NLP.  She has over fifteen years experience as a trainer.


MICHAEL DENINGER, PH.D., is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Master Practitioner in NLP.  Michael (Mike) has over 25 years experience as an educator and mental health professional.



JOHN L. FRYE, PH.D., is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Maryland.  John has over 27 years experience as a psychotherapist and has taught courses at York College, the University of Maryland, University College and Johns Hopkins University.




Enrollees who complete the program will receive a formal certificate of achievement


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Continuing Education: 15  hours.  A C.E. certificate of attendance is also provided.  The American Hypnosis Training Academy, Inc., is an approved provider by the American Psychological Association to offer C.E. credit for psychologists, the National Board for Certified Counselors (it is the responsibility of the provider to abide by NBCC guidelines), the National Association of Social Workers (258 CMR.31.00, D20, 641). The training is also approved for Marriage & Family Therapists (details on request).


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 Date:   Spring 2010


  Seminar Location:


      Best Western - Rockville, MD

     (Metro Wash., D.C.)


     Room Rate: $89.00 single or double


Free parking at the hotel


Make hotel arrangements on your own. Please contact the hotel as soon as possible to make your reservation to be sure that you get the special rates.   Inform the reservations clerk that you are registering for the American Hypnosis/AIM Seminar.


Please call me, Ron Klein, at my office immediately if you experience any  difficulty making hotel reservations and I’ll take care of it personally.


Ron’s phone:  301-565-0103 * 800-343-9915



















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Respectful, intelligent, competent training!  I  just let go of a 33 year-old anxiety.  That is priceless!   

            Barbara A. Bruno, Ph.D.


I was troubled by PTSD that was causing me increasing distress despite years of psychotherapy. During the Eye Movement IntegrationTM seminar, I volunteered to be a demonstration subject and after an amazingly brief intervention, the response is gone.  It has been two months since the seminar and I have had no recurrence.  It is wonderful!!    

                          L. Merl, LICSW


A terrific workshop. It was beautifully presented in a way that I could easily incorporate.  The EMITM techniques are now part of my everyday practice, and best of all, they are truly effective.

    Nelson S. Howe, M.A., A.C.E.T.


When I bought my 4-wheel drive car, I thought it would never skid no matter what. I was wrong.  After an accident in which it spun out on ice and hit a guard rail, I began to experience panic attacks while driving regardless the road conditions.  From that point on, I was especially fearful whenever the roads were wet or icy.   At the AIM/AHTA EMITM training seminar, I volunteered to be a demonstration subject for the Eye Movement IntegrationTM procedure.  The demonstration took less than 20 minutes including follow-up discussion with the class members.


It has been two years since the seminar and I continue to be amazed at the ongoing benefit. I now drive with appropriate caution for the road conditions instead of experiencing panic as I did before attending the EMITM program.


 Susan Zorn, Ph.D.


Excellent.  I have attended many seminars & workshops: but never have I gotten my  $  worth like this!

 Carla Sizemore, M.S.



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A refund, less a $ 65.00 fee, will  be made when a written request to withdraw from the program is postmarked (certified mail) at least 15 days prior to the event.  After that date, the full tuition paid will be non-refundable,  and can be credited to any future AHTA, Inc. enrollment.   Lodging and meals are the responsibility of the participant.  

In the unlikely event  a workshop is canceled, full tuition refund will be made.  Ron Klein, AIM nor AHTA, Inc. assume responsibility for any further expenses incurred by enrollees.

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